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Overcoming A Fear Of Flying

Overcoming A Fear Of Flying | The Early Air Way's BlogFear of flying can be very common, especially in individuals who do not fly as consistently. If you are feeling anxiety over an upcoming plan flight, these expert tips may help you to better deal with the stress you might be encountering about the trip.

  • Learn how planes work. Understanding the incredible safety records and the small odds of encountering a problem may ease your doubts.
  • Understand what turbulence is. Planes can handle a significant amount of turbulence and these bumps should not worry you.
  • Give relaxation exercises a try to help you improve breathing, focus, and relax.
  • Avoid alcohol and coffee. While they may seem to comfort you, dehydration and feeling sick will not make the flight any easier.
  • Track the flight, either manually or via the plane’s technology (if available). Knowing where you are and where you’re headed will give you something to focus on.

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