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Off-Season Travel Spots To Check Out

Off-Season Travel Spots To Check Out | The Early Air Way's BlogWhile summer can be the most appealing time for travel due to time off from work and school, it can also mean peak levels of travelers and lots of crowds. If you’ve ever wondered when the off-season times are for different places around the world, you aren’t alone. Below are a list of travel spots that you might consider visiting during their off-season months.

January: New York, Santa Barbara, Virginia Beach
February: Colorado Springs, Montreal
March: Portland, Italy, Rio de Janeiro
April: Santa Fe, Rocky Mountains, Charleston
May: Lake Tahoe, Denver, Australia
June: Dallas, Thailand, Baja California
July: Caribbean, Palm Beach, Baton Rouge
August: Tucson, New Orleans, Las Vegas
September: Martha’s Vineyard, Montana
October: Miami, Vancouver Island
November: South Pacific, Riviera Maya
December: Napa California, Washington D.C., Seattle

Click here to read the full article by Suzy Strutner for Huff Post Travel.