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Making Your Plane Ride More Comfortable

Making Your Plane Ride More Comfortable | The Early Air Way's BlogTraveling for long periods of time (or even short ones!) may not always be the most comfortable. While traveling private will certainly clear up the discomfort, here are a few other tips to help you feel more pleasant during your travels.

  1. Wear loose fitting clothing
  2. Stick with slip-on shoes
  3. Stow everything in the overhead bins for more leg room
  4. Consider a neck pillow
  5. Think about back support options
  6. Remove makeup (if applicable)
  7. Try a hydrating face mask
  8. Enjoy your favorite scent to freshen the air
  9. Bring travel-sized aromatherapy
  10. Pack a healthy snack
  11. Bring plenty of water to stay hydrated
  12. Signal that you do not want to be disturbed (if applicable) with a face mask and headphones.

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