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Luxury Hotel Health Trends

Luxury Hotel Health Trends | The Early Air Way

Hotels are flooding into the wellness trends in hopes of offering the next best amenities. The flurry of news behind hotels planning, opening, and redesigning their wellness offerings spread the spectrum from fitness, sleep, and even some quirky processes.


Stepping into a machine with as little clothing as possible and being blasted with air chilled below -200°F might not seem like an enjoyable experience, but guests are paying big money for the experience. Cryotherapy is said to combat the painful effects of tough workouts and aging, and some hotels have been adding appointments within their spas for igloo treatments and ice baths.

IV Recovery

Intravenous needles and fluid bags are the visions of nightmares to quite a few people. Many would opt to drink more water or swallow supplements to get what their bodies need, but the Underground Spa in Las Vegas is offering to hook you up, to an IV while you relax, to recover from your parties faster.

Salt Therapy

Halotherapy is recommended to provide a positive effect on the immune, nervous, and lymphatic systems. The therapy surrounds the guest in salt, usually a room filled with Himalayan salts, where salt infuses the air. Some locations even have mineral pools chock-full of salt from the Dead Sea to better penetrate the body with the restorative properties.


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