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Luxury Condo Amenities

Luxury Condo Amenities | The Early Air Way

Luxury real estate agents are vying for more upscale clients with new amenities and features that bring the wow factor to their listed condos. While not everyone will use these services, they make life that little bit better.

  • Feng Shui Consultant:  Click here to see how experts may think a Feng Shui consultant to be a transient fad, there seems to be a global demand as new Chinese buyers are arriving. A more lasting effect might be found from incorporating Feng Shui into the building layout.
  • Hotel-Styled Room Service: The best feeling from hotels is the room service experience, something that is rare with a busy lifestyle. Instead of grabbing a bag from the delivery personnel, the building’s chef and waitstaff can be booked to prepare the meal in your unit.
  • Private JetResidents at 111 Murray Street have access to a wealth of private jet options, choose from 13,500 aircraft and helicopters. Worldwide destinations and included concierge incorporate the best luxury for this condo.


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