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The Most Luxurious Private Jet Interiors

Private Jet Interiors - EAW

The real selling point for private jets is what they have on the inside. Read more about some of the best features private jet interiors have to offer.

There are many different ways to get from one place to another by utilizing air travel. After all, not all aircraft are created equal. There are those that come with hundreds of other passengers packed tightly in one airplane — finally able to be seated after standing for what seemed like forever in security lines and boarding lines. Then there are those that offer a unique drive-up and board experience. This method of private travel, using private jets and FBOs, is unlike any other flying experience. Here are some of the best features private jet interiors have to offer.

Private Jet Interiors Are An Office in the Sky

When you are traveling between destinations, life – and business – still move forward on the ground. The more private jets are recreated for today’s world, the more they provide an office in the sky.

The most luxurious private jets know what is needed to keep business moving forward. Things like adequate desk space, conference tables, the ability to connect to the internet, computers, telephones, and more are all necessary. When done in a comfortable, elegant manner — the office space on a private jet can look better than your office. It’s no wonder why many top executives hold business meetings in the sky – it’s quite impressive in many different ways.

Perhaps the best part about this office in the sky is that it is private. You can take your laptop on a commercial flight, connect to wi-fi, and get some work done. The problem is that you never know who is lurking over your shoulder. This could be a problem for those dealing with confidential business documents or communications. And, let’s be honest – if a verbal conversation is to be had, you may as well send out a memo to everyone onboard the commercial airliner!

Get Some Rest While On Board

Traveling can lead to some unforgettable adventures, but it can also be incredibly exhausting. Onboard a commercial airliner, you can find yourself trying to tilt your seat back, probably irritating the person behind you and resulting in a knee to the back a few times. Just as you start to sleep, the person next to you needs to climb over you to go to the restroom – and getting sleep is just not as enjoyable as you would like.

Things are much different with private jet interiors. The seats are very comfortable and soft – and you can melt into and relax. Many even lay completely flat for extra comfort. But when you don’t just want to sit and would rather crawl into bed and snuggle up for a much-needed rest – you can. Some of the most extravagant private jets come with their own bedroom, custom-fitted duvet, pillows, and everything you need to get your rest.

Dining and Flying

While inside private jet interiors, you are sure to get hungry – especially on longer trips. Some travelers even use a private flight to celebrate and indulge. It is not uncommon for some of the most delicious and extravagant meals to be catered while in the air.

Depending on the size, some of the hottest private jets have full-blown dining rooms or even banquet halls. You may find several different types of dining options in the same jet, as well.

Imagine being able to work in your office and then move on down the hallway to the dining room, where you can enjoy a nice meal before heading off to bed for the rest of the flight. By the time you reach your destination, it will feel like you have already been on vacation.

Lounging and Entertainment

If you are taking your trip and you’d like to sit back, lounge around, and relax rather then you may find a private jet conducive to your plans. While each one will differ greatly from the others, comfort and entertainment are quite common here. The more high-end your accommodations, the greater the experience.

Lots of chairs and sofas usually make up the general lounging area of the private jet. Here you will find televisions (though they may vary in size), as well as the ability to connect to all sorts of streaming services. And most are equipped with surround sound, too.

So, what does that mean for you? Well, on your trip to or from your destination, you can experience your very own theater in the sky. Have some popcorn and drinks on board to finish off the experience.

Or turn on the music and have a dance party. It is not very often that one can say they have danced on (or in) the clouds.

Restrooms that are Out of this World

The airplane bathrooms on commercial airliners have been the butt of many jokes. Everyone knows they are tiny and designed for one person without much extra space. On a luxurious private jet, though, that’s not the case.

While some restrooms may be small, many are just as large as any ordinary residential restroom. And, depending on the jet, you may even have a shower on board, too – which can lead to a more comfortable experience. This is especially beneficial if you have napped or have been traveling for a while and want to be ready for an important meeting or the like when you land. 

Private Jet Interiors Offer Connectivity and Extra Touches

Last but not least, there are those little extras that set one jet apart from another jet. For instance, you may find a jet with a fully functional kitchen. Or even a gym, bar, or casino table. A library, a foosball table, a gaming area, a library nook — the options are endless. If you can dream it up, you may be able to find it on a luxury private jet.

The next time you have travel plans, you have a choice — you can find yourself on a commercial airline with hundreds of other people making it through a boring travel experience. Or, you can book a private jet charter and uncover what it truly means to fly in luxury private jet interiors. Just beware — once you experience private travel and all its extra touches, you may never allow yourself to fly commercial again!


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