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Learn How Jet Hedging Can Benefit You

Learn How Jet Hedging Can Benefit You | The Early Air Way

Jet Hedging is a new program that may offer you substantial savings and other benefits if you are a jet-card holder or subscribe to fractional ownership. As a jet-card holder or fractional owner, you may not realize that you can benefit from on-demand private jet charters. You might assume that the fractional ownership program will always be the most economical way to fly private. But, that is not the case. This does not necessarily guarantee a better rate than an individually purchased charter. Jet Hedging is a viable, cost-effective alternative to offerings through jet cards and fractional ownership programs.

With jet hedging, you would submit your upcoming flight schedule to a private air charter company for an analysis of your flights. Many times, these comparisons are offered free of charge. The costs are compared for each flight on your schedule. The price of making the trip on a plane through your wholesale variable program is compared to the cost of using the fixed price program.

In the majority of the cases, the jet hedging option offers a better price. This program can save you 50 percent or more for the same type of aircraft on your trips. The savings can be greater for an empty-leg segment.

Jet hedging can offer you access to late-model private jets at substantial savings. It offers the service and safety of fractional aircraft ownership with the freedom and flexibility of an on-demand charter flight. With jet hedging, you can gain access to personalized service not available from a fractional program.

If you are a subscriber of a fractional ownership or jet card program, enhance your private jet travel experience and save money with jet hedging. A jet hedging program will ensure that you get the most out of your private jet experience. It allows the wholesale market inventory to get passed directly to you.


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