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Last Minute Weekend Getaway Ideas

Last Minute Weekend Getaway Ideas | The Early Air Way's BlogWith autumn just around the corner, you might be thinking that it’s time to get away for the weekend and enjoy the last of this warm weather. Now that Labor Day has passed and the crowds have died down, there’s no better time for a weekend getaway. If you’re in Boston, weekend trips to either Bar Harbor or Cape Cod are great options. From New York City, consider a weekend outside of the city in Montauk or Connecticut. Maybe you’re in Dallas? A trip out to Shreveport or down to Austin are great options. From San Francisco, look into weekend trips out to Petaluma or Monterey; from LA, head down to Redondo Beach or up north to Ojai! No matter where you are, there’s always an accessible weekend getaway spot that’s not too far away.

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