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Key Factors That Affect Jet Lag

Key Factors That Affect Jet Lag | The Early Air Way's BlogWhile traveling is an incredible experience full of so many incredible aspects, one that many of us do not enjoy is that of jet lag. If you have trouble recovering after many hours of flying, you are not alone. Certain key factors play a main role in determining how much or little jet lag you experience- so the key to beating jet lag may be understanding these factors. Light plays a part in turning your body clock around while in flight, so you may want to consider a sleep mask for times when you are expecting to nap. The food you consume before and during your flight can also affect your jet lag. Whether you are traveling east or west can also play a big part in your flight experience; if you are traveling east, you will have a harder time adjusting your body clock than if you are flying west. Activity and caffeine also play a large part, so be sure to be physically engaged and consider caffeine intake upon arrival.

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