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Keep Your Schedule Flexible With Private Jet Rental

Keep Your Schedule Flexible With Private Jet Rental | The Early Air Way's BlogWhen you choose to travel by private jet, you leave behind the hassles of commercial flying. You have more control over your schedule and aren’t spending time in long security lines, check-in kiosks, or at baggage claim. Travel can be relaxing and convenient again.

Saving Time Saves You Money

Saving time is the primary advantage for business travelers. You can attend a meeting and be home in one day on what could take as many as three days on a commercial itinerary. Part of the reason is that you can work while you fly, since you aren’t crammed into a small row with no elbow room for a laptop and no privacy. Private jets fly you point to point, avoiding the hub and spoke system of commercial flying that leaves you sitting for hours at intermediate stops along the route. Private jets have the advantage of using FBOs instead of passenger terminals for check-in and customs; time of arrival until you are seated on the plane can take no more than five minutes.

Travel Anywhere at Your Convenience

On private jet, you can choose to fly with less than an hour’s notice. Several business models exist for private travel, but charter is the most common and the best option for most travelers. Under this plan, you pay when you decide to travel. This is different from jet card and fractional ownership programs where you are responsible to pay something upfront whether or not you actually need to travel. Jet charter is also economical in that transient aircraft are often used, so that you are not paying to reposition a plane from another location.

Private jets have flying ranges that rival heavy commercial airliners but possess performance characteristics that allows them to operate in and out of small airports other aircraft cannot access due to shorter runways and obstacles. This enhanced performance gives you access to nearly any commercial airport on the globe.

Business is moving faster than ever in today’s world. Private jet travel gives you the flexibility to make a last minute meeting, but saves you time getting there.

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