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Incorporate a Private Jet Charter into Your Wedding

Incorporate a Private Jet Charter into Your Wedding | The Early Air Way

As wedding season approaches, couples are searching for ways to create an unique marriage ceremony. For a truly memorable wedding experience, a private jet charter can be incorporated into virtually any part of the once in a lifetime event.

The Proposal 
Many nervous grooms-to-be have enjoyed creating their proposal with the help of an exclusive private jet. Some clients have proposed mid-flight with the couple’s names written in a heart on the grass below while others have asked their loved one’s hand in marriage on a remote island that is not easily accessible by a commercial aircraft.

Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties
Traveling with a large group of friends to the destination of the bachelor or bachelorette party can be a daunting experience. The challenge of arranging a flight to accommodate everyone’s schedule combined with waiting in long airport lines is enough to drive most people crazy. However, booking a private jet charter can streamline the travelling process as parties can easily determine an itinerary that works for everyone.

For example, a group of friends can depart their home city early in the morning in order to arrive in Dubai for their scheduled breakfast at a five-star restaurant. Throughout the day, the party will have the opportunity to view the spectacular sights, shop at numerous stores, eat lunch/dinner, and have drinks at a bar before a late evening flight home.

The Wedding Ceremony
For the ultimate wedding ceremony, a bride can arrive to the church in style with a private jet charter. The entire guest list can also be chartered to Dubai from many major cities around the world. After the wedding and reception, the newly married couple can be flown to their honeymoon destination without the hassle and delays of commercial airline travel.

The Honeymoon
Booking a private jet charter for the honeymoon will provide the newly married couple with peace, privacy, and comfort. The in-flight service can be customized with their favorite wines, music, and food. Incorporating a private jet charter into their honeymoon can assist couples with starting their married life in VIP style.


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