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How to Ensure Private Plane Safety Is a Top Priority

How to Ensure Private Plane Safety Is a Top Priority - The Early Air Way

Growing up, riding the bus was a significant experience and one that happened quite often. You trusted that the bus driver was well rested and trained in handling the big yellow machine, that the mechanics had done an excellent job maintaining the bus, and that all the cars sharing the road with you knew what they were doing, too. Every in-flight experience should be the same, and private plane safety should be a priority.

Stepping onto a private jet is the same way. You trust that the pilot knows how to fly the plane and that the ground crew has properly maintained it – and that those other airliners in the sky also understand what they are doing. The difference? Now you are an adult. You can do your research to ensure that safety is a top priority for your private jet charter.

Private Plane Safety and Weather Conditions

Flying private often allows you a little extra safety during certain weather conditions. Sometimes commercial airliners will be grounded while private jets take to the skies without issue. That’s because they can fly above the weather conditions and make last-minute flight path decisions – something commercial jets can’t do.

Private plane safety is a priority of all charter airlines, and all passengers will know it. In other words, private jets move quickly and can do what is necessary to move swiftly away from turbulence. They can do this in the snow, ice, fog, wind, rain, and thunderstorms. Private jet pilots are trained to make fast decisions to handle these conditions while keeping you safe.

Rigorous Routine Inspections and Maintenance

Private jets have to undergo rigorous routine inspections. These inspections include all types of safety and compliance testing. Outside third parties conduct the majority of these procedures. In addition, The FAA regulates all aircraft in the United States to ensure the safety of all aircraft.

They have a detailed investigation and certification process that is even tougher than commercial aircraft. Of course, these inspections are in addition to the routine maintenance that has to take place. At various flight hours, specific routine maintenance must occur to ensure that the jet is in good shape and safe for flying.

Well-Known and Vetted Crew

The crews that fly private jet charters do so regularly. They are known; they are comfortable with the jet and comfortable flying passengers like you. Like the aircraft, those manning private jets must undergo strict certifications, training, and testing to fly charters. You won’t encounter a random crew flying your private jet but a well-known and thoroughly vetted team.

As a passenger, you can feel confident that you are in safe hands. The crew handling your flight made it through all the checks and have proven to be highly skilled at what they do. And, if you fly often, you may find that you have the same crew – giving you ample opportunity to build trust and feel safe.

No Unruly Passengers

Since 9/11, there has always been that concern about air travel and safety with other passengers. Whether we acknowledge it or not, it is something we have heard about; flight crews have prepared for it. Who are the hundreds of other people you are flying with anyways? Then you’ve got your unruly passengers that are out of control. Something may set them off, and their behavior becomes a safety risk to everyone on the airplane.

This scenario is becoming more common as time goes on. You don’t have to worry about these things on a private jet. You don’t have to wonder if someone has a hidden agenda on your flight or whether or not you will make it safely on the ground. The fear and the threat aren’t in private jets allowing you to feel safe from those things.

Private Plane Saftey and COVID-19

When COVID-19’s global pandemic hit, travel safety became an issue, and more air travelers chose private air travel over commercial ones, and private plane safety become a significant priority. Once they came, many of them stayed. And, it’s no wonder – it is much safer travel. On private jets, you can count on the fact that the aircraft has been thoroughly cleaned and sanitized before you arrive.

And, since you are not sharing the space with a couple of hundred additional travelers, you don’t have to worry about the spread of germs on board. It’s just you – and whoever you have brought with you. But it isn’t just about the actual aircraft. Crowded spaces are familiar places for germs to spread, and commercial airports are one of the best examples. Every time your flight stops and you have a layover, you go back into a crowded airport and wait around to board another crowded flight.

You’ve got long lines to check in, long lines to get through security and a crowd of people waiting at the gate to board the plane. See what we mean? Lots of people travel via commercial airliners – and that means an increased risk of spreading germs. When you choose to fly private, your safety is a top priority. You can go through small FBOs to reach your aircraft – or drive right up to it. No crowds involved. Plus, there are never any unnecessary stops or layovers.

Unless your jet stops to refuel, you have a straight-through flight every time. And that is a great way to reduce risk and boost your safety. Even when COVID-19 becomes a thing we read about in history books, those who lived through it now understand just how important it is to breathe ventilated air, wash hands thoroughly, and avoid crowded spaces. Private travel will remain a go-to way of travel in the future.

Booking a Private Jet

When you are ready to take your next flight, consider choosing a private jet charter. Your safety is a top priority – including the aircraft’s maintenance, the flight crew’s ability, other passengers, and unseen germs. Feel free to ask your charter company questions about their safety protocols, maintenance, pilot training, etc. You even have the right to ask to see their certifications. After all, transparency is as important as your safety. So next time your travel requires flying high, protect yourself by choosing a private jet.