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The Process of Private Jet Maintenance

Private Jet Maintenance - The Early Air Way

Private jet maintenance, inspections, and overhauls come due at varying times. Learn what goes into the upkeep of a private jet.

There is a lot of joy to be had with a private jet. It can take you nearly anywhere you want to go, give you the freedom to enjoy the flight, and even bring you an immense amount of comfort and luxury. 

While all these things are lovely, none would be possible – or safe – if there was not a high standard set for the inspection and maintenance of private jets.

What does this entail? Let’s take a look at the process of private jet maintenance. 

The Importance of Routine Private Jet Maintenance

We take care of our cars, regularly changing the oil and rotating the tires. Most car mechanics will even have a timeline for routine maintenance to ensure the longevity of your automobile. Well, private jets are the same way. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has done the same thing, outlining inspections and such based on the age of private jets and their usage level.  

Just as everything else, with use, private jets will experience wear and tear inside and out. But there are certain aspects of these machines that require attention. This comes in routine (or preventative) maintenance, servicing, corrosion control, and regular inspections. 

Routine maintenance is essential to protect the safety of everyone on board. Before the jet moves, there needs to be a high level of confidence that everything – including the engines – is functioning correctly without any hesitation. Of course, this routine maintenance also helps with: 

Extending the life of the jet

● Complying with all safety regulations. 

● Preventing canceled flights. 

● Reducing the need for major, more expensive repairs. 

The Meaning of an Overhaul

You will hear the term overhaul quite a bit when it comes to private jet maintenance. Overhaul means to take something apart to inspect it and make any repairs required. Things like the jet’s engine and landing gear will be subject to an overhaul, for example. There are a lot of small parts that fit together to create a working whole. If one piece is off, then the whole thing will be affected. 

The Frequency of Private Jet Maintenance Inspections

It is important to keep in mind that there are timelines given by both the FAA and the aircraft manufacturer to ensure that your aircraft is cared for properly. However, it should be noted that the FAA often defers maintenance timelines to the manufacturer. 

There is no standard timeline of how frequently you should inspect every aircraft or part of the aircraft. Instead, it varies considerably based on the type of jet, the make, model, the year it was built, frequency of use, hours in the air, number of landings, and so on. 

As a general rule of thumb, however, private jets have a few key milestones that trigger the need for service inspections: 

● After 5,000 landings, the landing gear should be dismantled, inspected, and completely overhauled. 

● Major maintenance should commonly occur every six years. 

● Every 1,200 hours in the air – especially every 2,400 hours in the air – the private jet should go through a rigorous inspection. 

Paying attention to the private jet’s technological systems at all times can give you a general idea of how healthy specific systems are.

Which Areas of the Jet Require the Biggest Focus? 

Every inch of a private jet is important for functioning correctly and safely. But, certain areas require a higher level of focus than others – and this goes above and beyond any timelines set. Areas that need attention are often a jet’s engine and avionics. 

While modern turbine engines allow for a significant length of time between standard inspections or overhauls, they still need to be monitored in the interim. Many of these parts have to handle the pressure and extreme heat that comes with running the engine. So, keeping an eye on the compressor, combustion chambers, burner cans, and all their parts is crucial for safety. 

The avionics system onboard the private jet needs to be in working order to ensure all navigation and communication systems are functioning correctly. Frequent software updates should always be performed so that function remains optimal. 

How Much Does Private Jet Maintenance Cost?

The cost to maintain a private jet will vary based on certain things, such as the frequency of required maintenance, the age of the jet and hours flown, the number of landings, and so on. All of these factors will determine the level of maintenance required and whether they would be simple repairs or major overhauls. Of course, routine inspections are likely to cost less than major overhauls, but putting a general price on these things is impossible due to all the variables involved. 

The cost of maintaining a private jet also comes down to whether you have your team handling the maintenance or if you would outsource the work to a maintenance company or join a program. 

Maintenance Compliance: Who’s Responsible? 

So we know all these inspections and routine maintenance are required to keep private jets functioning safely, but who is responsible for making sure it happens? It is up to the owner or operator to properly maintain the private jet. The important part is to make sure that those who are handling the maintenance have been Federal Aviation Administration approved/certified. 

Final Thoughts

Private jet maintenance is crucial for the life of the aircraft and the safety of those on board. Engaging in routine private jet maintenance to keep the jet running efficiently is just as important as routine inspections. This is to ensure all the parts are in working order and checks to ensure that all avionic software and communication systems are up to date and running correctly. 

Maintenance, inspections, and overhauls come due at varying times based on how often a private jet is used, its age, and so forth. Those who offer charter private jet flights understand the importance of caring for the aircraft and work with the best professionals to ensure all is well on the ground and in the air. 

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