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Gulfstream G550 Features and Specs: What Makes this Heavy Jet the Ideal Choice for Luxury Air Travel?

Gulfstream G550 Features and Specs: What Makes this Heavy Jet the Ideal Choice for Luxury Air Travel? | The Early Air Way's BlogJet charters are one of the best ways to commute for both family vacations and business travel. For those who are having trouble deciding on an aircraft, the Gulfstream G550 is a top choice for those traveling with a large party and wants the best amenities air travel has to offer.

Gulfstream G550 Facts at a Glance

The Gulfstream is basically a “beefed up” version of light and mid-size jets. It has the same simplicity and convenience but with a higher weight and passenger capacity. Consider some of the following specs and facts common among this popular private jet:

  • A fully fueled Gulfstream G550 can travel 500-560mph and a total distance of 6,437km, thus making it suitable intercontinental travel.
  • It can accommodate anywhere between nine and 15 passengers. Some models can accommodate up to 19.
  • It has a much larger cabin space with amenities that include a lavatory, Wi-Fi access, DVD players, and bar. In-flight entertainment and flight attendant services may even be available in some rental packages.
  • Celebrities including John Travolta, Steve Jobs, Larry Ellison, and Mark Cuban own and travel in a Gulfstream.

While a Gulfstream is larger than light and midsize jets, it is still small enough to land in small airports. While typical commercial planes can only land in an estimated 550 airports around the world, the Gulfstream and other private planes can land in an estimated 5,500 airports, thus drastically increasing the travelers’ destination of choice.

When to Hire a Gulfstream Jet

The Gulfstream is ideal for large families traveling for vacation. It is also a popular mode of commute for corporations. Enterprises also frequently employ the aircraft for transporting a VIP client or investor. This helps improve relations and to solidify a strong rapport when establishing a positive first impression.

The Gulfstream is often considered the limousines of aircrafts. This makes it the popular choice for traveling in lavish style and in a manner frequently enjoyed by the affluent and wealthy class.

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