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Going to a Dolphins Game? Skip the Hassles of Commercial Travel and Fly Private Jet

Going to a Dolphins Game? Skip the Hassles of Commercial Travel and Fly Private Jet | The Early Air WayTravelers are tired of the hassles and increasing fees of commercial travel. TSA pat-downs, long security lines and uncomfortable seats leave travelers fed-up with flying commercial. As a result, the demand for private jet travel is taking off. You may think that this is something that only the rich and famous can enjoy. But that is changing. In some cases, you can fly on a private jet for cost of a commercial airline seat in coach class. Read on to learn more.
Private Jet Travel is Convenient

Small jets don’t need the services offered by major airports, so they can fly out of regional airports. There are many more small airports than large ones. For instance, in the Miami area alone, there are four small airports that serve private flights. In comparison, there is only one commercial airport, the Miami-Dade International Airport (MIA). MIA is one of largest airline hubs in the United States and the largest gateway between Latin America and the United States. This makes is one of the busiest, most congested airports in the country.

Taking a private flight out of one of Miami’s small airports makes flying much more enjoyable. You can begin your vacation or getaway in a much more relaxed state. You won’t have to deal with long security and check-in lines. You can arrive at the airport minutes, rather than hours before your flight. In addition, upscale amenities, such as spa rooms and saunas can be found at smaller airports.


Private Jet Travel May Be More Economical Than Commercial

In the past, it was too expensive for the average Joe to fly on a private jet. This type of travel was reserved for the rich. But, this is no longer the case. Private Jet companies are beginning to offer a number of deals on unused flights and charters. Other companies are changing the cost structure of private flights.

Some of the recent deals found included a flight for $499 for four people from Los Angeles to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. This is perfect for a family of four and translates to about $124 per person. Current prices on flights to Cabo San Lucas from Los Angeles start at $306 and this does not include baggage or other fees. As you can see, a private jet would save a family of four $725 or more.

So, as you can see it is worth it to check into private jet flights the next time that you are traveling to Miami.

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