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Get Away With Minimal Packing for Your Weekend Trip

Get Away With Minimal Packing for Your Weekend Trip | The Early Air Way's BlogOne of the most enjoyable aspects of a weekend getaway is that you can get ready for it quickly, enjoy a change of pace, and not worry about the details of a longer trip. It can seem tricky to pack for a short weekend trip, but with a few tips on minimal packing you can be prepared to enjoy the weekend without stressing over what to wear.


Make the Most out of Simple Coordinating Clothing

To get your bag packed compactly, every clothing item should match every other clothing item. Stick with a basic color scheme and make sure you have an outfit for the activities you are planning. Then, as you transition from your daytime itinerary to your evening plans, your clothing can be easily updated with the addition of a sweater or swapping a skirt for the shorts you wore in the day. An accessory like a necklace or a scarf can change a walking outfit to a dinner outfit in no time at all so that you can maximize the time you have to enjoy your brief getaway.


Don’t Forget Undergarments

Having a few extra pairs of undergarments is helpful, as they do not take up much space and can ensure you are comfortable throughout the trip. You might want to pack socks even for a summer trip so you can have something cozy on your feet to wear in your hotel at night. Don’t forget to bring pajamas and swim wear so you can be ready to lounge in bed or near a pool.


Tiny Toiletries Travel Well

If you invest in a good toiletries bag and equip it with small plastic containers for all your shampoo, lotion, and body wash needs, you can have the toiletries packed quickly. Include travel sized toiletries, such as a toothbrush, deodorant, toothpaste and brush, to meet your minimal packing goals and save even more space in your weekend bag. Some other toiletries to remember are a razor, basic cosmetics, and medications.


Look forward to your weekend trip and enjoy a change of pace knowing your bags are packed compactly and efficiently. Don’t forget to bring your phone charger and something to read as you ditch the normal weekend routine in favor of something more playful and adventurous.



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