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Four Remote Vacation Spots

Four Remote Vacation Spots | The Early Air Way's BlogWhile some take to the bustling resorts or big cities for their vacations, enjoying a remote getaway can be just what you need to unplug and unwind. Thrillist has created a list of some of the most remote travel spots around the world. If you’re serious about getting away and taking advantage of the solitude, consider one of these spots for your trip. Alice Springs, Australia is in the center of the country and can be a perfect getaway from the usual hype. The Antarctic Peninsula is another incredible spot that has loads of wildlife and is the most touristy part of the continent, while still giving you plenty of peace and quiet. Lofoten, Norway is a remote set of islands that are relatively untouched and wild, with a few different villages. Easter Island, Chile, is quite well-known but only has a population of 50 people and beautiful scenery.

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