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Flying in a Private Jet to the U.S. Open Makes Sense. Here’s Why.

Professional golfers aren’t the only ones who can benefit from flying in a private jet to the USGA U.S. Open; here’s why this travel makes sense.

Flying in a Private Jet to the U.S. Open - The Early Air Way

Everyone has their ideal way of traveling. Golfers are no different. When it comes to lugging all their baggage from green to green around the country – or world – they prefer a bit of convenience.

It is no wonder why so many golfers prefer flying via a private jet.

But golfers aren’t the only ones taking advantage of all the perks that come with flying private. You can take advantage of them, too.

In fact, flying in a private jet to the U.S. Open tournament just makes sense. Here’s why:


1. Commercial Air Travel Options Are Often Limited

The location of the U.S. Open changes every year. And, when it does, it is the green that is on the minds of the United States Golf Association (USGA). In fact, there are roughly 14 factors that they look for when choosing where it will be played:

  • Length, variation and playing characteristics of individual holes
  • Length of overall golf course relative to total par
  • Teeing ground locations (i.e., angles of play)
  • Fairway width and contours
  • Fairway firmness and speed
  • Green speed relative to percentage slopes and contours of the putting greens
  • Putting green firmness
  • Rough height, density, and stages of severity
  • Bunker preparation (i.e., creates a challenge of recovery)
  • Green surrounds (e.g. closely mown areas -vs.- primary rough);
  • Hole locations
  • Risk and reward options
  • Anticipated weather conditions for the time of year
  • The pace of play

What you don’t see on that list is the ease of airport access or convenience. Why? Because they don’t really care how you get there – because you will find a way there.

They focus on the green and let you worry about the rest.

Unfortunately, this means that, quite often, major airports are not close by. But, that is ok. By choosing to fly a private jet, you get access to smaller, business and executive airports that get you closer to the action.


2. Time Is Not a Renewable Resource

Why waste all that time flying commercial to the U.S. Open?

You would have to arrive at least a couple of hours early, then wait to check your bag, get through security, and sit at the gate until time for your flight. Once you arrive at your destination, you would then have to waste time commuting from the airport to the golf course.

That is a lot of wasted time.

By flying via a private jet to the U.S. Open, you get more flexibility in scheduling and spend much less time waiting at the airport.

Time is not a renewable resource. The sooner you learn this, the more exciting and fulfilling your life will be.


Putting a Ball in Golf Tournament - The Early Air Way


3. Getting a Ticket to the US Open Is a Dream Come True for Golf Lovers

Not everyone has the opportunity to attend the U.S. Open. It is not that they are overly pricey or out of reach for average bank accounts.

Instead, they are just one of those special tickets that you get excited when you know you can go and see some of your favorite golfers and indulge yourself in the experience.

So, why not take it a step further?

Make it a trip of a lifetime with a private jet charter. Allow yourself to splurge a little more and get luxurious accommodations to and from the event.

The whole trip will truly feel like a dream come true.


4. Work – and Life – Doesn’t Stop

Despite the fact that you have tickets to the U.S. Open and you have your flight and accommodations, work and life doesn’t halt for your love of golf.

To allow yourself time to focus solely on the event, handle everything else on your to-do list while in the air.

Choosing a private jet means that you can handle your business with the help of in-flight connectivity.

The relaxed seating, tables, and available business set-up on select jets will give you the perfect space to finish what you need to so you can enjoy the U.S. Open experience while there.


5. Meet the Greats of the U.S. Open

As we previously mentioned, most golfers opt for a private jet to travel from one place to another. And, let’s be honest, smaller executive airports are not nearly as busy as commercial airports.

This only increases your chances of running into some of the most well-known players of the game.

Of course, you want to respect their need for privacy and space, but if you are truly a golf lover, then you know how exciting it would be to be in the same room with the players.

Flying a private jet to the U.S. Open is a great way to land yourself in the middle of this opportunity.


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6. Enjoy the Convenience – All the Way Around

Do you play golf? If so, then you know traveling commercially with your clubs can be a pain.

  • They have to be sent through as checked luggage, but what happens if they aren’t cared for?
  • What happens if they get lost?
  • What happens if someone else picks them up, knowing what they are?

As discussed, this is why so many golfers choose to fly private jet charters. Their clubs go right there in the baggage department – nowhere else.

This minimizes the chances of them being damaged, lost, or stolen. And it gives the golfer great peace of mind.

If you are going to the U.S. Open, there is a big chance you may get bit by the golf fever and want to drive a few balls yourself. If so, you will want to have your set of clubs with you.

Fly private and you can do just that – easily.



The USGA U.S. Open has been going on for over a century. So to have the opportunity to experience it up close and personal is what dreams are made of.

In fact, the only thing that could enhance it any further would be traveling there via a private jet charter.

Whether you want to save time, get some work done, rub elbows with the pros, or just enjoy the luxury it brings, a private jet is your best choice for travel to the U.S. Open.