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7 of the Best Airports in America to Charter to

Best Airports In America to Charter a Jet to | The Early Airway

One of the best benefits of choosing to charter a jet when traveling is that you can gain access to airports that commercial passengers will never see. Many of the best airports in America are easy to charter a jet to. Not only do they allow you to get closer to your destination and avoid crowds, but many also offer some perks you would not normally imagine to be inside of an airport. It is even possible to find some luxury experiences and a hassle-free, streamlined process, too at some major airports.

Before you take off on your next journey, let us entice you to visit some of the best airports in America and show what they have to offer you and your chartered jet.

George Bush Intercontinental Airport (Houston)

George Bush Intercontinental Airport, Houston (IAH) | The Early Airway

The George Bush Intercontinental Airport (also known as IAH) is located just over 20 miles from downtown Houston. It welcomes all types of aircraft, both private and commercial, and transports over 40-million passengers annually. While it is busy with commercial airliners – and a hub for United Airlines and Spirit Airlines, it also has some exciting facilities for its passengers who choose to fly via private, chartered jets.

There are many facilities at this Houston airport for private jets and they offer many services. These include business services for those who need to use all the downtime they have – or are in need of a business office to use while traveling. After all, business doesn’t stop just because you leave town! In addition, these facilities provide some luxurious lounges to relax or close your eyes. And, if you are in need of freshening up, you will be thankful for the showers you will find.

Van Nuys Airport (Los Angeles)

Van Nuys Airport California | The Early Airway

Obviously, an airport servicing the greater Los Angeles area is going to have to have a top of the line private airport facility. After all, you are likely dealing with some top named celebrities. Many of them are likely prefer to remain anonymous as they jump from city to city. At Van Nuys Airport you will find all of that and more.

This airport is located about a half hour from downtown L.A. and no commercial airliners are able to land here. It offers customs to make international flights a breeze. The convenience and easy accessibility are what make this airport so successful and one of the best airports in America.

And, of course, all those individuals who want to visit the airport just to see a piece of iconic history. This airport has been found in many movies over the years.

Teterboro Airport (New York)

Teterboro Airport, New York | The Early Airway

If you are looking to charter a flight to New York City, you will not want to look any further than Teterboro Airport. It is the private jet airport to visit. Whether you are wanting to go to the Hamptons or you want to fly across the waters to the heart of England, you can catch your ride here.

This airport has many different private jets to choose from for traveling – including the most luxurious of jets. Popular for business and pleasure, it is not uncommon to run into people from all over the world a Teterboro Airport.

Palm Beach International Airport (Palm Beach)

Flying Over Palm Beach, Florida | The Early Airway

Palm Beach Intranational Airport may be a major airport that allows both private and commercial flights. However, it definitely knows how to cater toward the charter crowd.The deluxe facilities offer showers, catering services, inviting lounges, and even entertainment for the kids, making it on our list of best airports in America.

Close to Palm Beach, Boca Raton, and Ft Lauderdale, this airport is convenient and easily accessed for many business and pleasure-seeking jet-setters.

McCarran International Airport (Las Vegas)

McCarran International Airport, Las Vegas | The Early Airway

Ready to fly into Las Vegas, do a bit of gambling, then head right back out of town, to get a bit distracted from the usual routine at Or how about fly in to see a show or for a girls or guys weekend away. If any of these tickles your fancy, then you will definitely want to catch that chartered flight straight into McCarran International Airport.

The bonus? You get a magnificent view of the Vegas skyline as you fly above. This is a major airport and commercial airlines do land here, as well. Thankfully, however, there is a terminal set aside for use solely by private jets and charters.

Chicago Midway Airport (Chicago)

Jet Parking at Chicago Airport | The Early Airway

Another one of the best airports in America is the Chicago Midway Airport. This 24-hour airport is located just outside of downtown Chicago. It offers a chance to get into the city and out of the city with a moment’s notice.

Chicago is a big business hub, collegiate center, and party city. Whether you are wanting to fly in class to your business meeting, want to meet up with your old college pals, or just do some shopping along Michigan Avenue – flying a chartered jet into Midway will be your best option.

The bonus is that the private section of this major airport has many great amenities that go above and beyond. For example, wi-fi service, valet parking, and a stellar concierge service that will help you with all your needs while in Chicago.

Dulles International Airport (Washington, D.C.)

Dulles Airport, Virginia | The Early Airway

If you are looking for somewhere to go on the fly and get some sightseeing done, then you will want to hop a charter to Dulles International Airport in Virginia. One benefit is that the airport is only 25 or so miles from the heart of Washington, D.C. This major airport sees a lot of traffic, thanks to the business and governmental sectors of the city. Both commercial and private airplanes fly into this airport.

Those who handle the private jets at Dulles know the importance of privacy – as many politicians and government officials often fly private when coming to the city.

You have many options when it comes to air travel. From flying commercial or charter, to what plane you will fly, and your final choice for the perfect destination. Therefore, choosing to fly a chartered jet means that you can enjoy a private flight (or near-private) where you can get comfortable and relax.

It also means that you get to enjoy some perks while on the ground, as well – including things such as minimal security lines and flexible timing. However, it is the amenities that are offered in the best airports in America that make chartered travel top notch.