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Family Destinations Across Europe

Family Destinations Across Europe | The Early Air Way's BlogWhen it comes to taking the family to Europe, keeping things manageable and interesting can be a challenge when you are trying to cater to everyone’s desires and opinions. Many of the mainstream tourist attractions and capitals will be central to your vacation plans, but if you’re looking for a few spots off the beaten path, here are a few ideas.

  • Croatia: Be sure to check out the unspoiled beaches, ancient cities, and even the scenery from Game of Thrones!
  • Slovenia: The Julian Alps provide a ton of incredible outdoor activities, and water activities aren’t far away on Lakes Bohinj and Bled.
  • Italy: Italy’s southern region of Puglia offers incredible food, beautiful waters, and incredible grottes.
  • Liechtenstein: This tiny landlocked principality looks like it hails from a fairy tale. Mountains, winter sports, and castles abound.
  • Ardeche Valley, France: The region is a scenic paradise well known for its camping opportunities, limestone cliffs, and local food.

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