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Experience the Season with These Beautiful Fall Travel Destinations

Experience the Season with These Beautiful Fall Travel Destinations | The Early Airway Private Jet Charter

As the seasons change and summer travelers settle back into daily life, fall travelers are gearing up for some fun and adventure.

This is a great time to travel as you miss the busy season with its often inflated prices, crowds and sometimes extreme heat.

Below are a few choice destinations that you can enjoy.


The home of “Oktoberfest,” Munich is a prime destination in fall. This German city capitol is not only rich with carnivals and fun activities that are put in place specifically at this time, but it is also rich with culture, beautiful sites, delicious food and charming locals.


If you are still not ready to let go of that spring time feel, Melbourne could be the perfect destination for you. While the temperatures may be dropping in the US, they are coasting around the 60’s and 70’s in Australia. Not only is the weather pleasant, but there are different historical monuments, parks and landmarks to explore, as well as exquisite shopping that you can indulge in.


Another weather conscious option is Santiago, a popular city in Chile. Enjoy the spring weather, along with the vibrant culture, beautiful locals, flavorful food and striking architecture. You may choose to explore the city on a tour, or set your own path and experience the city like a local.


This city is an excellent option for the price-conscious traveler. After the summer season, prices drastically drop, making travel to and around this gorgeous destination quite reasonable. As a growing entertainment hub, there are many film festivals in the fall. There are also natural parks and monuments worth visiting.


As a popular tourist destination year round, it is no secret why this city of love is a great travel choice. In the fall you can enjoy the sights, sounds and tastes of this beautiful city without the hassle of large crowds.