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Exciting Travel Ideas for the Fall

Exciting Travel Ideas for the Fall | The Early Air Way's BlogThough the summer is a common time for travel for most individuals and families, the fall is also a great time to explore new sites.

With it being outside of the usual vacation season, prices may be a bit cheaper.

To ensure that you get the greatest bang for your buck, consider one of these exciting travel ideas for the fall.

New Orleans

Jam packed with rich history, culture and delicious food, New Orleans is a popular tourist destination.

Another beneficial offering is the inexpensive price point. From tours around the city to visits to the casino, you can easily find various deals and packages with a number of fun activities to occupy your time.


Depending upon what area you are coming from, Paris may be a long flight, however it is worth the travel.

The breathtaking architecture, beautiful people, and rich culture have made this a top travel destination for years.

As such, there are many deals to be found for trips to Paris, including some all-inclusive options.


While your friends endure the changing season, you can be soaking up the tropical weather on this beautiful island.

The Bahamas is known for its awe-inspiring views, tantalizing food and friendly locals. You will not want to leave this tropical getaway.


Another popular option for a sunny travel destination is Mexico. Much of its economy is centered on its tourism, so you can expect the royal treatment when you travel to this beautiful location.

Enjoy the views and activities with a group or go exploring with a tour guide, there are numerous options that you can tailor to your fancy.

The aforementioned are just a few of the enjoyable and affordable travel options that you can enjoy in the fall.

Along with your actual destination, indulge yourself by traveling in style with a jet chartered flight.

It has become increasingly reasonable, especially for groups of individuals. Consult your local charter company to learn more about your possible options.