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Do You Need Travel Insurance?

Do You Need Travel Insurance? | The Early Air Way's BlogWhen you are purchasing tickets for your next travel excursion, you’ll likely be prompted to purchase insurance to secure your travel accommodations in case of emergency. Similarly, you might also want to look into travel insurance for yourself and your loved ones, should an emergency happen. According to the US Travel Insurance Association, 23% of Americans have had medical issues or other emergencies impact their travels.

Is travel insurance right for you? You may want to weigh a variety of risks and do your best to understand how likely they might be. Are you okay losing the vacation investment should an emergency occur? Is the trip risky due to geography, weather conditions, or personal health factors? Each person may have a different opinion of whether he or she needs travel insurance. Before deciding one way or the other, you may do well to do your research and look at each side.

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