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Destinations to Pair With a Private Flight

Destinations to Pair With a Private Flight | The Early Air Way's BlogWhen you want to book a private flight to impress that special someone, you may find it easier to charter the plane than it is to choose a destination. For travelers who appreciate the luxury of their own chartered jet, there are some destinations that are more appropriate than others.

Aspen, Colorado is a favorite destination for those travelers who love to mix recreation with natural beauty. After the private flight delivers you to Aspen, you can enjoy skiing or snowboarding in Vail, the thrill of white-water rafting, or a peaceful afternoon on horseback. Colorado is one of the sunniest states in the country and has pleasant temperatures year-round.

Maybe you would prefer a beachfront paradise. West Palm Beach, Florida offers plenty of shopping, a healthy nightlife, outdoor festivals, scenic views, sparkling beaches, and much more. Whether you want to amble through historic sections of town or sleep during the day and go out at night, there is always something to be done in West Palm Beach.

There are many reasons to love the lush, vibrant environment in the Pacific Northwest. Land in Seattle and find out why this city is at the hub of many international trends. The appeal of this community has attracted a number of very wealthy individuals. Three of the world’s top ten wealthiest men live in Seattle. From scenic vistas to an abundant city scene, this corner of the country has an appeal that is hard to match.

Maybe you would like to experience New York City as a traveler. From operas to basketball, museums to dancing all night, there is plenty to do and see in New York. You can take advantage of a full range of activities all within walking distance once your flight lands. Eat out, grab a show, do some shopping, and enjoy the many sides of life in this active city.

When you schedule a private flight, you want to be sure that the destination is as enjoyable as the flight. Pass lesser destinations by and make sure that you are enjoying your life to the fullest.

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