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Destinations For Each Month of the Year

Destinations For Each Month of the Year | The Early Air Way's BlogThroughout your years of travel, you’ve likely found that certain times of year are better than others to visit your favorite destinations. For some, it might be about embracing the warm or cool weather that a place has to offer, while others hone in on specific events or festivals to see. No matter what month you’re traveling, Business Insider has created a list, compiling the best destinations for each month of the year. How does this list stack up to yours?

January: Orlando, Florida
February: Savannah, Georgia
March: Nashville, Tennessee
April: Los Angeles, California
May: New York, New York
June: Chicago, Illinois
July: Boston, Massachusetts
August: San Francisco, California
September: Seattle, Washington
October: Nantucket, Massachusetts
November: Portland, Oregon
December: Las Vegas, Nevada

Click here to read the full article by Sophie-Claire Hoeller for Business Insider.