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Destination Hawaii: Getting There in Style

Destination Hawaii: Getting There in Style | The Early Air Way's BlogHawaii has slowly become the ultimate travel destination for those looking for the perfect combination of relaxation, adventure and romance.

How you get there can make a big difference in your overall vacation experience, which is why many people are choosing private jet charter to Hawaii as an alternative to traditional passenger jet flights.

The hassle of security checks, lack of personal space and non-luxurious accommodations can be a big turn off when you want to travel in style.

A private charter is one of the best ways to begin the trip of a lifetime.

Make the Schedule Work for You

When flying with a large airline, you have to choose flights that are based around the airline’s schedule. With a private jet charter to Hawaii, you get to decide when and where you want to fly.

You also do not have to worry about making connections or missing a flight when takeoff is ultimately up to you.

Avoid the Terminals

The time it takes to fly commercial often includes hours of standing in line in airport terminals, waiting for security, boarding passes and baggage checks.

When you fly privately, you do not have to deal with the typical hassle of boarding the plane. You get access to the operator’s terminal where the only one in line is you.

In-Flight Luxury

A private jet charter to Hawaii goes above and beyond the luxury offered in first-class commercial flights.

You have the ability to request catering, bar services and even the entertainment options for your flight.

Airline food is often the punchline of many jokes, but when you fly with a charter company you are likely to experience higher-quality dining options and food that you would not normally get.

The flight to Hawaii can be a long one, so you may as well enjoy your time in the air. Consider a private jet for your next trip and see the difference for yourself.