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Common Travel Myths

Common Travel Myths | The Early Air Way's BlogWhile it has been proven that travel is still affordable and accessible to any individual regardless of budget or schedule, there are still a variety of myths that prevent many from ever traveling.

  • Myth #1: Unless you are incredibly wealthy, travel is impossible. While everything costs something, there are so many incredible trips you can take that are well within any low-budget price range.
  • Myth #2: Credit cards are not a good route to take. There are so many benefits to a variety of credit cards. That being said, do your due diligence and research before moving forward with anything.
  • Myth #3: Couchsurfing is unsafe. There are many different companies nowadays that work to provide you with quality information and reviews about couchsurfing options.
  • Myth #4: Travel for women can be dangerous. While it is true that women can face additional hazards in certain circumstances, this should not prevent a woman from traveling. Exercising an appropriate amount of caution and doing research will likely make you feel more comfortable about travel.
  • Myth #5: Only young, single people can travel. It is true that you may have a different travel experience with a family, children, or at an older age. However, these experiences will be special and valuable too. There is no age that traveling is not a wonderful experience.
  • Myth #6: You can’t work overseas. Many countries offer jobs to expats and travelers. Whether you are looking for a long-term commitment or a holiday option, doing your research will turn up a variety of legal jobs around the world.

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