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Challenger 601:The Perfect Business Travel Jet

Challenger 601:The Perfect Business Travel Jet - The Early Air Way

Air travel has broken down barriers in the global market, carrying business executives to different locations worldwide in hours. And while this has been a game-changer, its rewards can be taken a step further when private business travel becomes the mode of transportation. Say, a Challenger 601?

Business executives flying to other locations to meet with clients, vendors, suppliers, manufacturers, or other potential business partners can be done on a commercial airliner, but why would you want to? Commercial travel is a hassle with its long lines, crowded airports, and incredible lack of privacy. Instead, private business travel is just what you need. 

Before you book your next trip, here is everything you need to know about why the Challenger 601 jet is perfect for business travel. 

Why Choose the Challenger 601?

From the moment you step into the cabin of the Challenger 601, you will know that you made the right choice for your trip. 

This jet is decked with chairs and a sofa made for ultimate comfort. Some tables allow you to conduct your business, and in-flight connectivity will allow you to stay in touch with those on the ground as you get your work done in the air. 

It has a spacious design allows you to move around and stretch your legs when needed. This is always a plus – especially since it can handle intercontinental travel, and you may find yourself in the air for a while. 

Although many things set the Challenger 601 apart from its competitors, the most significant difference is its quietness. It is tough to handle business in the air with the sound of a noisy jet in the background. So, you can do so peacefully whether you work, carry on a conversation, watch a movie, or sleep

Challenger 601 Specs

While the concierge team will always help you choose the best jet to meet your personal travel needs, it doesn’t hurt to know your preferences. Let’s take a closer look at the Challenger 601 specs and how they relate to your needs for travel. For instance, how many passengers can fly on a Challenger 601? Let’s take a look. 

  • Passenger Capacity: 10, plus the crew
  • Lavatory: 1 lavatory
  • Airspeed: 484 knots
  • Range: 3,910 nautical miles
  • Cabin Width: 8.2’
  • Cabin Height: 6.1’
  • Cabin Length: 28.3’

There are six cabin windows to enjoy the view throughout your flight. 

The Benefits of Business Travel

There is a reason so many companies invest in business travel – and it isn’t just for the level of status they feel comes along with it. There are real benefits of business travel on a private jet, such as: 


When you fly commercial, you must arrive at least 2 hours in advance for domestic and 3 hours before an international flight. You have to check in, stand in line at the TSA security checkpoint, sit around your gate waiting to board, and so on. Not to mention that traffic is often much higher at these airports, so you have to allow for that time, too. Nothing sets you apart here, whether traveling for business or pleasure. 

Traveling via a private jet allows you to save time. You need to arrive about 20 minutes before your flight, and that’s about it. You won’t find the traffic, the crowds, or any of the unwanted frustrations. 

Flexible Scheduling

You don’t have to stick to pre-scheduled flights but, instead, get to choose your own. Since you are the only passengers, no one will take off without you! You can choose when you want to depart, and should you get stuck in traffic or tied up at the office for a few; you can always call ahead and let them know you are running late.

No Layovers

If you know you have a certain amount of time to handle your business at your destination, you don’t have to worry because you will be there and have everything you need. You don’t have to worry about layovers, changing flights, lost luggage, and so on with a private jet. This allows you to manage your time and your business trip better. 

Increased Productivity

Due to space and privacy concerns, it is hard to get work done in the sky on a commercial airliner. But on a business jet, you have the freedom to move about, tables and chairs to spread out your work, excellent connectivity, contact with those on the ground, and all the privacy you could ever want. No longer will being out of the office for a business trip put you behind at the office. You can quickly stay on top of everything while flying above the clouds. 

Great Customer Service

You have a lot of say when planning your flight on a private business jet. If there is anything special that you may need to make your flight more enjoyable – or more effective – then ask. Any special requests can be made to ensure you get the most out of your trip. 

Remember that these are just a few of the many benefits you get – and you still have to choose the right private jet charter to meet your travel needs. This is where the Challenger 601 comes in. 

Booking The Challenger 601 Jet

Next time you have to book a private jet, don’t settle. Instead, opt for the private jet that has everything you need to make your trip the most successful. And that’s a Challenger 601. It is spacious, quiet, and luxuriously comfortable. Plus, it comes with all the perks of private travel. It’s perfect.

Challenger 601:The Perfect Business Travel Jet - The Early Air Way