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The 7 Best Business Travel Hacks

The 7 Best Business Travel Hacks - The Early Air Way

Traveling nationally and internationally has become a major part of business dealings today. Some love business travel and networking with people all around the world. And then some loathe it. Regardless of which side you fall on, knowing how to make the most of it can make the entire experience more enjoyable. Knowing the best business travel hacks will improve the overall experience.

Insightful Business Travel Hacks

Here are the seven best business travel hacks that you need to know.

1. Pack Smart in a Carry-on

Commercial airlines are notorious for losing luggage. And it always seems to happen at the worst time. Imagine flying to your destination for a vast business meeting only to discover that your suitcase didn’t make it. What if you packed your best suit? Your client files? Your sample products? 

Don’t take the risk, pack light by packing smart with your luggage and carry-on. By doing so, you will have your luggage with you at all times. That way, you are prepared no matter what. 

Of course, you never have to worry about lost luggage when you fly private, so that’s always something to consider. 

2. Pack the Essentials

So how do you pack light to make it all fit in a carry-on? It’s simple. Remember, you aren’t going on a long personal getaway – and you aren’t taking your kids. So all you have to worry about is looking good and feeling suitable for your meetings or conferences. That’s it. 

Your suitcase should look something like this: 

  • Business clothes (only enough for the days you need)
  • A travel outfit – and an additional outfit if you intend to explore the city on your own
  • A pair of sneakers
  • Basic toiletries 
  • Electronics such as cell phones, laptops, tablets, etc. 
  • Chargers for all the electronics above

Please keep it simple. You can always pick it up at your destination if you need to remember anything. Just in case, you can go under board and pack heavy. 

3. Fly Private: The Best Business Travel Hack

If you ask around, the people who aren’t too keen on traveling for business usually are okay with checking out new places and meeting potential new clients. They don’t like all the hoopla they have to go through to get there and back. That is wasted time in a busy airport. 

Think about this. Not only are you pulling yourself from the office to go on a business trip, but you need to ensure that you are at the airport at least two hours in advance. After standing in a long line, you have everything ready to go through TSA’s security checkpoints. You are then waiting around the gate until it is time to board. And that’s assuming that the flight isn’t delayed or canceled. 

Once on board, the pleasantries (or unpleasantries) with strangers combined with close quarters is just not fun. It is all a lot of wasted time out of the office and an unpleasant experience. 

Now, if you tell someone they can pull up to a private jet and have the luxurious comfort and amenities that come with it – the tone towards business travel will likely change—no more wasted time. Since you can choose your travel times without relying on the commercial airlines” pre-set flight times/patterns, you never have to stay longer than you need to. 

4. Research Your Destination

Not only can you get the most out of your business getaway when you know the area and have an idea of places you’d like to check out – and those you should avoid – but you are likely to impress the new client. 

Do your research before you go so you are prepared once you arrive. 

5. Choose Proper Travel Times

When booking your flight, consider the travel times. You may think taking a red-eye flight will allow you to spend less time away from the office, but it could backfire. It is easier to make the most of your business trip if you get a good night’s sleep. 

Yet, if you are traveling across time zones, many avid travelers say that sleeping at night on a red-eye flight reduces any jet lag. 

Flying private is a great option to give yourself the best of both worlds. You have control over the time you want to depart, and once in the air, you can rest much more comfortably than you would on a commercial airliner. 

You can show up at your destination well-rested and without jet lag. It is an excellent opportunity to make the most of your business trip. 

6. Don’t Waste Time While Traveling

Business trips take you out of the office – and can often leave you out of touch with your colleagues. And due to confidentiality reasons, getting work done while flying commercial isn’t an option. This is why so many executives feel like they waste time while traveling. 

Choosing to fly private gives you plenty of time to handle business while in the sky. Thanks to internet connectivity, you can often stay in contact and continue as if you were in the office, improving the in-flight experience. And the accommodations on board – including the privacy – make the perfect space to work, too. 

7. Make Use of Your Phone’s Scanner

When traveling for business, you will have many extras – especially if you are heading to a conference. Mingling and networking will land you many business cards and miscellaneous documents. 

Rather than carrying these items with you and trying to stuff them in all areas of your suitcase, scan them. Most newer smartphones these days can scan documents into PDFs. Your camera will work, too. Once you have captured the image in your phone – toss it. Don’t bring the clutter back to the office. 

Scan any pertinent information, such as your itinerary, hotel reservations, etc. This can also be great to take advantage of as you head out on your trip. You always have your phone with you – so you will always have access to the data when needed.

Importance of Business Travel Hacks

Traveling for business is quite common these days and can take up valuable time. Business travelers have a lot on their minds regarding work and don’t want to deal with extra issues while traveling. Luckily, that’s where business travel hacks come in handy. Knowing how to travel while on business can save you time and money in the long run. Often times that’s where FBOs and private charters can help manage the logistics of traveling for businesses. Business travel is only as great as you make it. Opt for flying private, and there is a good chance your outlook on the whole situation will change. 

The 7 Best Business Travel Hacks - The Early Air Way