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Flexible Flyer? Empty Leg Private Jet Services Are For You!

Imagine being able to hop on a last-minute private jet flight, traveling to your destination in style and luxury. Think private travel is outside of your budget? You may want to think again. 

Flexibility is the name of the game when it comes to traveling on empty-leg private jet flights. Those who know about them find that taking advantage of the savings they bring can be quite rewarding. 

Though, these flights are not for every traveler. If you are a flexible flyer, empty leg private jet services are made just for you. 

What is an Empty Leg Flight? 

An empty leg flight is just as it sounds – the empty leg of a flight. Because they are so costly to the charter company, many do what they can and offer them up at a discount to flexible travelers. 

Here is an example. Let’s say that a private jet is booked out of Van Nuys airport to travel to Las Vegas, NV today. And, tomorrow it has another flight out of Van Nuys. it cannot just stay in Las Vegas waiting for another passenger because it has to get back for its flight tomorrow. 

Traveling from Las Vegas to Van Nuys will have to happen whether there is a passenger on board or not. This is an empty leg. 

If a traveler in Las Vegas just happens to be traveling to Los Angeles, they can often book this empty leg flight and catch some savings. After all, the private jet was already headed in that direction so booking a passenger at a discounted rate helps to offset the costs of travel. 

Flexibility and Empty Leg Flights

So why is it necessary to be a flexible flyer when it comes to empty leg private jets? 

Flying private on these flights can still allow you to reap many of the benefits that come with private travel. But you have less control over when and where you travel. 

You will not likely always find an empty leg flight headed to your specific destination – or even at a time that works best for you. But that is the point of these special flights. You receive savings in order to enjoy the luxury of a private jet because you are able to be flexible with your plans. 

Benefits of Empty Leg Flights

There is no doubt that empty leg flights can benefit flexible travelers when it comes to the cost of traveling, but are there other benefits to choosing these flights? Believe it or not, the answer is yes.

Variety. Empty leg flights are found with all types of private jets. For flexible travelers, this means being able to experience a variety of different sizes and luxuries – including those that could be incredibly expensive if booked as a full-price charter or even a helicopter. Therefore, depending on the private jet when you book your empty leg, this may be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

Efficiency. Another perk is you get to enjoy the efficiency that comes with private travel. For example, there are no long TSA security lines to stand in and you are not required to arrive hours before your flight. There are no real limitations on the luggage you can bring with you and you won’t be stuck with long layovers or having to change flights halfway through your flight either.

Accessibility. There is an increase in the availability of private jet empty leg flights. More and more people are turning to private charters as their main source of air travel. This means the number of empty leg flights is only going to continue to grow – making it a more accessible option. 

If you are looking for a few of the benefits that come with traveling on a private jet charter without paying full price for the flight, then taking advantage of available empty leg flights may very well be the way to go to meet your travel needs. 

Why it Pays to Be a Flexible Flyer

There are a few things you should know about empty leg flights before you decide to choose this option for your method of travel. While saving money always feels good, you should consider this: 

Empty leg flights can be canceled at any time. This may be due to mechanical issues, weather-related issues, or the chance to get booked for a full-price charter. There are many different reasons this can happen so keep this in mind. 

Empty legs are one-way flights. You don’t have a return flight and will be responsible for getting back from your destination when you need to. You may, of course, be able to score another empty leg flight back home, but that is not always something you can plan ahead for. 

You will get to enjoy the luxurious, private accommodations that come with private travel when you book an empty leg flight. However, you do not always have access to all the personalizations that can often come with this type of travel. 

Are Empty Legs Worth It?

So, are empty legs worth it? Many travelers take to the skies flying on private jets that they saved money on thanks to empty legs. They are able to get to where they need to go without all the added hassle of commercial air travel and without a lot of wasted time. They receive many of the benefits that come with private travel without paying the full price. 

Could they choose their flight time? Not likely. Could they book far in advance? Not really. 

Are empty legs worth it? For those who are flexible flyers, absolutely. 

Booking Your Empty Leg Flight

All in all, many frequent travelers find that empty leg flights can be very beneficial – as long as they are able to remain flexible. 

If this sounds like you, then don’t hesitate to take advantage of all that empty leg flights have to offer. And, when you are ready, The Early Airway offers easy access to their empty leg flight specials for your convenience. 

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