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The Jet Hedging Advantage

The Jet Hedging Advantage | The Early Air Way's BlogJet hedging has been growing in popularity as of late. As savvy business men and women look for ways to optimize their time and funds, hedging is becoming the new wave of normal for frequent jet flyers. Before you take the plunge, it is important that you understand what jet hedging is and its advantages for you.

What is Jet Hedging?

Jet hedging is a means of personalizing your jet charter experience. Simply put, jet companies develop profiles of their clients, and when the clients are ready to fly the companies provides them with possible options to fit their profile and needs. The client then chooses the best option for them. There are no start up costs, contracts or membership fees to join this program.

What are the Top Advantages?

There are several possible benefits from utilizing this program. Below are the top three advantages.

  1. Control: Clients are given full control over their flights with this system. They get to decide which choice best suits them and avoid or “hedge” flights that they do not use.
  2. Save Money: With jet hedging you only pay for what you use essentially, whereas with other plans you pay into the pot to have access when you need it. With this program you get to maintain your flexibility while making smarter investments.
  3. Freedom: There are no lengthy contracts or strings attached with utilizing this service. You can use it one time or once a week. It is fully dependent upon your desired usage.

As you can see there are clear reasons for the rise in popularity of jet hedging. It allows you to enjoy the luxurious travel of a private jet charter while limiting the costs and allowing you to only pay what you owe. There are also the advantages of maintaining full control of your travel dollars, which allows you to save money, and having the freedom to participate in the program as you see fit. With such great benefits, jet hedging is worth considering for your next jet charter.

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