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The Best Places to Visit in April

The Best Places to Visit in April | The Early Air Way's BlogWhile it seems that there’s never a bad time to travel, there are certainly different places around the world that might be better seen at a specific time of year. Be it the weather, the festivities, or the nature, zooming in on a time of year (or even specific month) might help you to have the best experience possible. Lonely Planet has taken a look at a few different options that would make for great vacation spots during the month of April. They suggest that you explore the wetlands of Brazil, Pantanal, between April and May. Half the size of France, the Pantanal experiences a dry season between April and May, perfect for visiting, seeing wildlife, and staying dry. Lonely Planet also suggests you consider a trip to the Netherlands to enjoy the flowers in bloom. Keukenhof, southern Holland, is home to millions of tulips enjoying the spring breeze this time of year.

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