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The Best Places to Travel in September Via a Private Jet

As summer travels come to an end, you may find yourself wanting to go on one last trip. If that’s the case, check out some of the best places to travel in September.

Best Places to Travel in September - The Early Air Way

By the time September rolls around, most people are back into the swing of life with work and school – and less focused on traveling.

Times for traveling take a backseat for a while. And, this is why you may find that there are so many places you can visit in September that are free from heavy tourism – and full of magical experiences just waiting for you.


The Best Places to Travel in September

There are so many places that blossom during these months.

And, the best part?

Opt for a private jet charter and reach even more places than you ever imagined.

So, where are these destinations? Where should you head out to this month?

Let’s get to it and uncover some new and unchartered territory for you. Here are the best places to travel in September (at least in our opinion).


1. Portland, Oregon

Oregon - The Early Air Way

Before the cold winter finds its way into Oregon, you must visit Portland. This city of a progressive movement and deep levels of compassion is a great place to land for a couple of days in September.

It’s a bit eccentric and quirky which means your time here will be fascinating.

Though, if it is festivals that you are looking for, there are a lot of them in Portland during the month of September. Anything from dog-themed festivals to art festivals, and so much more. Grab some delicious food, explore all the sight, and enjoy the beautiful fall weather that Portland has to offer this time of year.


2. The Florida Keys

Palm Beach, Florida Keys - The Early Air Way

If you want to extend your summer, then you must consider heading to the Florida Keys. While the rest of the world is beginning to find a cool crisp in the air and regular coffee is replaced with steamy hot pumpkin lattes, the southern tip of Florida is basking in the hot sunshine surrounded by beautiful beaches.

Visiting the Florida Keys in September is a perfect time. You will find that Florida is still in full-fledged summer mode. Yet, all the heavy tourism that drives this area is down.


Summer break is over, but it is not yet time for the “snowbirds” (those who call Florida their home in winter) have not come back yet.

While here you can enjoy all things on the water, whether it is sitting on the beach and catching rays, snorkeling, fishing, jet-skiing, boating, kayaking, and more. You may even learn to surf or scuba dive.

There are many restaurants with local, fresh seafood – as well as lovely bars where you may make a new, local friend.


3. Munich, Germany

Oktoberfest in Germany - The Early Air Way

Have you ever heard of Oktoberfest? This German celebration with beer, bratwurst, dance, and tradition can be found at various levels throughout the United States and the world.

But, do you know the one place where you can find the best Oktoberfest around? Well, in Germany itself!

Visit Munich during this bubbly time and you will surely get an up-close and personal encounter with Bavarian culture.

Keep in mind that while it is called Oktoberfest, this celebration starts around the last week of September and continues into October.


4. Corfu, Greece

Greece - The Early Air Way

Are you looking for sunshine? Maybe a little outdoor adventure? If so, then head to Corfu. This Greek island that is close to the mainland has a whirlwind of activities for you to enjoy, such as:

  • Renting your own boat. Why take in the sights with others? Instead, rent your own boat and explore the coastline. And, can we say – romantic?
  • Visit the capital – Corfu Town. Here you’ll experience 18th Century Venetian architecture, shops, and many restaurants. There are so many nooks and crannies you will want to make sure you give yourself enough time here.
  • Some people prefer wine tastings. But, in Corfu, you can experience an olive oil tasting. Greece is known to incorporate olives into food. This is likely due to the enormous amount of olive trees found here. It’s no wonder why they have perfected olive oil.

You will find lots of fun at every turn – and beautiful weather – in September.


5. Glen Falls, New York

New York - The Early Air Way

Most people fly to The Big Apple – New York City – when they visit New York. But, if you are looking for something a bit different, then consider Glen Falls.

Despite the size of this small city, you will find that there are unique places to dine, shop, and enjoy. In fact, there are two festivals in September that you are sure to enjoy.

  • Adirondack Balloon Festival. This is a hot air balloon festival that can have your eyes lifted up in awe. The brightly colored balloons filling the sky makes for an amazing view – during the day and at night.
  • Taste of the North Country. As the name suggests, this is a food festival that allows you to sample delicious food from all kinds of local restaurants.


6. Manitoba, Canada

Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Canada - The Early Air Way

Heading on over our north border into Manitoba can quench your need for outdoor adventure. But, first thing’s first – late summer and into early fall you should know that it is beluga whale season.

Did you know that nearly 60,000 beluga whales make their way to this part of Canada during this time of the year? There are many ways you can catch a glimpse – especially through one of the many kayak or boating tours.

Of course, while you are here, you can also catch the:

  • Manitoba Dragon Boat Festival
  • The Honey, Garlic, and Maple Syrup Festival
  • Maybe even the biggest street festival in Winnipeg, ManyFest

And, if you are lucky, there is always the opportunity to see the unforgettable Northern Lights.



Well there you have it – and excuse not to stay home! If you are looking for new adventure and, perhaps, the best places to travel in September, then you will not want to miss one of these magnificent hotspots.

So get to it – book that private jet charter and pack those bags. Where will your travels take you?


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