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Best Airports to be Stranded in

Best Airports to be Stranded in | The Early Airway Private Jet charter

Airports are turning into much more than a small layover. They now have attractions, movies, and have turned into mini cities. Here are the best airports to visit or get stuck in.

  1. Singapore Changi was voted the best airport in 2014 for its large gardens and jewel waterfall.
  2. Hong Kong International Airport has a 4D iMax movie theater.
  3. Munich Airport has the largest surf machine and a beer garden.
  4. Incheon international Airport was the #1 airport for 10 years in a row with gardens, an ice rink, a casino, and a golf course.
  5. Kuala Lumpur international Airport has an open-air rainforest walk.
  6. Barra Airport has a beach for a runway
  7. Dubai Airport has a pool, gym, and zen gardens.
  8. Heathrow Airport is one of the best airports for shopping.
  9. Amsterdam Schipol has a library, bar and kitchen, and Tulips.
  10. Vancouver International Airport looks out at the ocean and has a jellyfish tank and a creek running through the walkway.
  11. Portland Airport has been voted to have the best carpets in the airport industry.

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