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Avoid the TSA

Avoid the TSA | The Early Air Way

Airport lines and delays are getting more frustrating and longer as time progresses. The Transportation Security Administration has been reported as a larger hassle than the benefits it provides.

In a rush of reports recently the TSA is painted as an understaffed agency with little to no track record of success, and even no cyber-security to speak of. The only impact it is having on travel and the transportation industry is slowing it down through lines and delays.

Certain systems have been proposed to improve the TSA, from increasing the manpower on the ground to speed things along, to increasing training of each agent to more accurately screen luggage, to even abolishing the TSA to replace with private security for each airport.

From this build-up in annoyances the luxury travel industry has seen an influx of new priivate charters and jet hedging customers.


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