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Airplane Seating Encourages 'Air Rage'

Airplane Seating Encourages 'Air Rage' | The Early Air Way

New evidence is showing that the mere existence of a first class cabin provokes ‘air rage’ from both economy class passengers as well as first class passengers. ‘Air rage’ is when passengers engage in violent or disruptive behaviors during their travels aboard airplanes. Other possible culprits were increased baggage fees, waning legroom, and reduce meal services.

From several years of recorded flight incidences the team crunched the numbers to find that only the presence of a first class cabin was a significant factor in the likelihood of ‘air rage.’ This inequality and whether passengers boarded from the front or middle of the plane predicted whether a meltdown would happen.

Economy class passengers walking through first class cabins are confronted with the “indignities of coach, and spark the airline equivalent of class warfare.” At the same time, first class passengers derive a feeling of superiority as other passengers pass and in turn demand more from others.

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