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8 Ways To Enjoy A Painless Long Term Flight

8 Ways To Enjoy A Painless Long Term Flight | The Early Air Way's BlogWhen it comes to flights that last more than a few hours, the excitement of travel can wear off quickly and give way to exhaustion and boredom. If you’re taking a long term flight and need a few tips and tricks to make it painless, read on!

  • Travel light: Be sure not to cut off your leg room by stuffing your carry on under the seat in front of you. Do your best to pack light and keep carry ons in the overhead bins.
  • Stay hydrated: Dehydration can happen quickly when you’re flying- plus it can exaggerate the jet lag you might be feeling when you arrive. Drink plenty of fluids and even keep your skin moisturized to feel better.
  • Inflate and get comfortable: Consider an inflatable pillow or footrest for maximum comfort.
  • Bring your own food: Depending on the airline or private carrier, you may or may not love the food. Consider bringing your own gourmet options to enjoy.
  • Befriend your neighbor: Being friendly to the person next to you will make your trip easier.
  • Exercise: Moving around the plane is important for long leg trips. Do a lap, practice stretching while seated, or do a few neck rolls.
  • Choose a good seat: Choose early and avoid being stuck in a seat you don’t want.
  • Do your research: Utilize resources online to know what you’re getting out of your flight, help you pack, and help you mentally prep.

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