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5 Unique Destinations for 2015

5 Unique Destinations for 2015 | The Early Air Way's BlogWith the New Year approaching, it may be time to start planning your first vacation of 2015! If you’re looking for a few travel ideas that are likely to take off in the next year, check out this list below!

1. Japan: Japan will likely become one of the most popular destinations over the next few years, set to host the Olympics in 2020.

2. Nicaragua: Costa Rica’s neighbor has so much to offer- from volcanoes to beaches, colonial cities, and surfing.

3. Madagascar: Whether or not you’ve seen the animated movie, this can be a wonderful destination to see incredible wildlife, naturally occurring wonders, and gorgeous coastline.

4. Romania: While it is not the most talked-about country in Europe, Romania offers everything from medieval villages to stunning woods and meadows.

5. Antarctica: While cruises along the Antarctic coast have been labeled for the more adventurous traveler, it may be a great time to think about taking a trip there!

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