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3 Unique Honeymoon Destinations

3 Unique Honeymoon Destinations | The Early Air Way's BlogWhile the standard honeymoon spots like the Caribbean, Greece, and Maui are beautiful options to celebrate your recent nuptials, these three honeymoon destinations are unique options that provide a myriad of romantic activities and views. Barcelona may not immediately come to mind when you are planning your honeymoon, but the city provides world class foods, incredible beaches, exciting nightlife, and tons of great tourist attractions. Virgin Gorda is another great option for your honeymoon; less well known than some of the other Caribbean destinations, this British Virgin Island has strikingly beautiful beaches, great snorkeling, and romantic villas to stay at. Kauai is another island that you might want to consider. Though perhaps less popular than its neighboring island, Maui, Kauai boasts beautiful beaches, great snorkeling, stunning lookouts over Waimea Canyon, and twin Wailua Falls.

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