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3 Tips to Simplify Flying With Kids

3 Tips to Simplify Flying With Kids  | The Early Air Way's Blog

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When travelling with children, one of the most stressful parts of the trip is often the time spent at the airport or in the plane. Some parents prefer not to travel at all once they have children due to the headache of making it work without going crazy, but there are many adventures to be had and places to be seen that children can really enjoy. Instead of staying home, consider the following tips to make flying with your children less stressful and more enjoyable for everyone involved.

Utilize Electronics

Even if you do not allow for much screen time at home, long flights can be made a little bit shorter with the help of electronic devices. You children can enjoy an in-flight movie of their own choosing if you have a portable DVD player they can use. Cartoons, audiobooks and music are all good options for keeping little ones occupied during travel.

Pack Some Surprises

Bribery never hurt anyone, and this is especially the case when you are travelling with your kids. Consider wrapping up a few small toys to present to your children as rewards for good behavior throughout a flight. Not only does this give kids something to work towards, but it also keeps kids busy with their new item.

Bring Treats

Airplane food is not always conducive to the picky diets of children, so you may want to bring along some snacks from home. Foods that encourage sucking or swallowing can help small children pop their ears as the air cabin pressure changes. Parents may also want to bring snacks that take a while to eat, such as raisins. These serves a dual purpose by providing kids with something to ease their hunger while also keeping them engaged for a short time.

Travelling with your kids does not have to be a horrible experience if you plan ahead and prepare for the situations that often cause the most problems. Kids love seeing the world as much as you do, so why not bring them along.

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