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Your Vacations Reveal Your Personality

Was your last holiday trip full of surf, sand, and sun? Did you pack a jacket and long underwear? A study has claimed that your choice of mountain getaway versus beach blast describes your personality, this is called “person-environment fit.”


The beach is for extroverts who parade around and enjoy the social atmosphere. Interactions abound here and everyone is on display, these environments suit extroverts well and even rejuvenate them.


Introverts are drawn to the mountains where seclusion is in no short supply, the quieter the better. By isolating themselves introverts melt away the stress, returning to civilization at 100%.


The study’s results held no significance, gender, age, and race showed no correlation to where a vacation was located. The researchers even went further to see if the locations called to the people respectively.

When monitoring people in open areas compared to people in quiet, leafy retreats, what they instead found was that, although there were minimal changes in the levels of extroversion or introversion, the extroverts were found to have high levels of happiness in the open spaces and the introverts had high levels of happiness after being in the quieter spaces


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