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Why Do We Sleep Better on Vacation?

Why Do We Sleep Better on Vacation? | The Early Air Way's BlogYou may have come to the conclusion that you feel more rested and enjoy better sleep while you’re traveling- and you’re not making it up! Between being in a relaxed state, keeping busy during the day, and staying in a new place (often with sleep-oriented amenities), getting shuteye while on vacation can be the wonderful and rejuvenating sleep that you need!

So why is it so? Much of it depends on the environment in which you are sleeping. If you are staying in a hotel or other accommodation, temperature, blackout blinds, extra pillows, and quiet can often be the tricks to a great night’s sleep. You may also unconsciously move away from caffeine and junk food while on vacation, which can both contribute to better rest. Generally relaxing and getting a bit more activity in your day also help to make you sleep better while traveling.

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