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What Should You Do Before Landing Abroad?

What Should You Do Before Landing Abroad? | The Early Air Way's BlogNo matter how restful or relaxing a flight may be, landing, obtaining your bags, and navigating your way to your destination can be a somewhat stressful experience. To make this process easier on yourself, there are a few things you can do- even if you are a seasoned jet setter!

  • Write down the address of your destination on a physical piece of paper. While digital may be easiest, this will be accessible and useful if your battery dies, you lose service, etc.
  • Practice local phrases if you are in a place that speaks a different language.
  • Understand the exchange rate ahead of time to make it easier at the ATM or currency exchange booth. Have an idea of what you’d like to pay for a cab, a meal, etc.
  • Research transportation options before landing. Public transit can be a wonderful option as long as you familiarize yourself with the details ahead of time.

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