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What Is a Charter Flight?

What Is A Charter Flight? - The Early Air Way

What is a charter flight? Private travel is based on the length of travel, the number of passengers, your needs, and so forth. Learn all about charter flights.

We love options. We love to be able to choose how we will spend our free time, what we will have for lunch, and even the tunes we choose to listen to on a run. Without being able to make these choices for ourselves, life could appear rather bleak, couldn’t it?

It only makes sense that we have options when it comes to traveling. And we do. We can take a drive in our car, hop on a bus, take a cruise, or board an airplane. Depending on our destination, our timeframe, our budget, and our preferences, we choose the best option.

What rarely gets considered when it comes to travel is the option of a charter flight. Maybe it is because we do not know what it is. Maybe we do not believe it is an affordable choice. Or maybe it is just something we do not fully understand.

That last reason? That is why we are here. You cannot honestly make the best choice for yourself when it comes to travel if you do not know all the options available. So, let’s take a few moments to answer the question of what is a charter flight, how it works, what you can expect, and why you will never choose to travel any other way.

Really, What Is A Charter Flight?

When was the last time you flew on a commercial aircraft? To book the flight, you likely jumped online, checked out the hundreds of schedules and flights available, looking at the layovers and direct flights, the times, and the costs. Once booked, you choose your seat, pay for your luggage, and so on. On the day of travel, you have to arrive at the airport two hours before the scheduled flight so that you can stand in long security checkpoints and wait at the gate to board the flight with hundreds of others. When you are onboard the plane, you sit knee to knee and elbow to elbow with a stranger or two – cramped in your designated spot for the entire flight. If you have a layover? Well, you have to deboard the aircraft and wait around a busy airport to do it all again shortly.

Phew. Just reading that can make you exhausted. The idea of commercial flights is nothing short of aggravating. It’s a good thing that charter flights are different.

Charter flights get you where you need to be quick without all the unnecessary hassle.

  • There are no set schedules that must plan your travel around.
  • There are no long security lines and cramped quarters with strangers.
  • There are no time-consuming layovers.

When you charter a flight, you have more control over your air travel than you ever will on a commercial aircraft. After all, you are the passenger, rather than being one of the hundreds of passengers.

What You Should Expect on Your Charter

Charter flights are referred to as private flights because they offer you so much privacy. So, this is something you should definitely expect when it comes to flying on a chartered aircraft – and it all starts with the FBO, which is a private airport. Some of these are found on the grounds of major airports while others have a private airfield all their own. And, unlike busy, crowded commercial airports, you will find that FBOs are often quiet with luxurious accommodations – and no long lines.

Getting to the aircraft, though, is just the beginning. Once onboard, you will be delighted with comfortable accommodations that seem roomier than commercial planes, despite their much smaller size. Because you are traveling alone – or with those individuals you are bringing with you – that crowded feeling is nonexistent. You can laugh, talk, and enjoy each other’s company knowing that you are in a private setting.

For many, real-life seems to shut down while in the air. And even if you do choose to pay a little extra for that wi-fi access on your commercial flight, the speed is often so slow it is impossible to get much done. When flying on a private charter, you can have access to a high-speed wi-fi connection, sound systems and entertainment systems, and even satellite television. While this may vary by jet, it is definitely a common perk in the private travel world.

Finally, remember when you used to board an aircraft for a flight and you would be given a meal to eat? Commercial airlines have long since canceled this service, but not private jets. When you book a chartered flight, you can request a specific meal or even takeout from your favorite restaurant. So, while you are on your way to your destination, you can enjoy a nice meal. And, if you would like – you can even take a quiet, private nap afterward!

Why Flying Private is the Way to Travel

Flying private is the go-to travel option for anyone who has ever given it a try. There are so many perks – in addition to the ones we have talked about – that it is hard to go back to commercial travel.

  • Flexibility in flight times and schedules
  • Choice of aircraft and accommodations
  • Worry-free boarding
  • Always a direct flight
  • Last-minute flights in as little as two hours
  • Avoid security checkpoints – simply get out of your car and board the flight if you wish

Not to mention that in a world of a global pandemic, health and safety concerns are a top priority. Flying on a chartered jet gets you where you need to go in a sanitized, socially distanced environment.

Chartering a Flight

Booking a chartered flight is as easy as it is to book commercial. Online forms allow you to choose your destination as well as the date and time you want to travel and submit it for a quote. Private travel is based on the length of travel, the number of passengers, your needs, and so forth. Jet charter specialists put together the best quote for you – without any commitment. And, when you are ready to book, they will handle all the details for you while you get your bags packed. If you asked yourself “What is a charter flight”, now you know everything there is.


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