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Upgrade Your Summer Vacation Options in Upstate New York

Upgrade Your Summer Vacation Options in Upstate New York | The Early Air Way

Enjoying a great summer vacation does not necessarily mean that one must go abroad. The nation’s northeastern region is the ideal vacation destination for those who want to explore nature, visit cultural sites and avoid the sweltering heat that characteristically plagues most U.S. residents during the summer months. Specifically, visitor attractions in upstate New York offer unforgettable vacation experiences that most people want to repeat every year. Chartering a private jet into New York gives vacationers the most flexibility when planning this type of trip, and here are just some of the things to do and see in the region upon arrival in the area.

Cultural and Historic Destinations
A trip to Fort Ticonderoga is a great way to prepare for July 4th celebrations. The capture of the fort from British forces is known as the first Yankee victory of the Revolutionary War (1). Touring restored Fort Ticonderogo that sits along beautiful Lake Champlain helps to bring history to life for both adults and children.

James Fenimore Cooper was one of America’s most famous historical fiction novelists of his day. The Cooper family was among America’s early English settlers, and Cooperstown, New York was founded by the author’s father. The Fenimore Art Museum that is located in Cooperstown features an extensive collection of the writer’s artifacts as well as a noteworthy ensemble of American folk art and Native American relics (2).

Natural Wonders
A scenic indulgence greets every visitor that discovers the Thousand Islands in northern New York. The group of small islands in the Saint Lawrence river are located in both the United States and Canada. During America’s Gilded Age, new millionaires used the islands to build secluded summer mansions to escape the city heat. Today, many of the mansions have been renovated and are on display for tour groups. For example, visitors can explore Heart Island’s Boldt Castle that enhances the natural beauty of the area and has a romantic love story attached to its original construction (3).

Travelers do not have to weather dry, Arizona heat to see spectacular geologic sites like the Grand Canyon during their summer vacations. A trip to Ausable Chasm in the Adirondacks allows visitors to see breathtaking views of the rugged chasm and the powerful river that helped to form it. The site contains protected climbing routes, and tours are led by experienced guides (4). While nature watching is a must at Ausable Chasm, visitors to the site can also get their share of exercise by biking, rappelling and hiking through the forested area.

Outdoor Adventure
The Adirondacks offers thrill seekers the adventures that they crave via the myriad of rivers and tributaries that traverse the area. The region has earned a reputation as a premier whitewater rafting destination for experienced athletes. Guided trips down whitewater rapids combine areas of scenic calm with those that contain intense waves. Most of the rivers and outlets offer challenging whitewater rafting experiences, and many of them are categorized as class IV and V rapids (5). Reputable whitewater rafting companies can often recommend appropriate lodging and camp ground areas that match their clients’ preferences for luxury and excitement.

Hidden scenic treasures, delectable dining and intellectual delights await visitors to upstate New York. The temperate summer months just allow people to enjoy the area more thoroughly.
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