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The Ultimate Bucket List Travel Guide

The Ultimate Bucket List Travel Guide-The Early Air Way

Traveling is a very common goal, but it can be difficult to determine which locations should be included in your dream vacation. To help you, we’ve created a bucket list travel guide.

Whether you are an avid list maker or not, having a bucket list is a great way to make sure you don’t miss some spectacular opportunities that life has waiting for you. One of the most common items found on bucket lists around the world is travel.

Destinations far and wide are just sitting on bucket lists waiting to be crossed off. But, here’s what happens when you start working your way through your bucket list: it starts growing! Have you experienced this yet? The more you travel, the more you discover more places you want to visit.

Well, we thought, why not help you expand your list? After all, you only have one life – so you may as well make the most of it, right? If traveling is your thing and you want to visit as many amazing destinations as you can, then you will want to be sure that these are added to your ultimate bucket list travel guide.

Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town, South Africa - The Early Air Way

Maybe you’ve heard of it, maybe you haven’t. Regardless, you’ll enjoy it. Cape Town is so vibrant and colorful that it makes the eyes, the soul, and the heart happy. This city, sandwiched between the Atlantic Ocean and the Indian Ocean, this city has a Mediterranean climate that makes it welcoming whenever you visit.

It is rich in culture – culinary and otherwise – and it has brightly colored neighborhoods that have bright blue waters as their backdrop. See it all as you travel via cable car to the top of Table Mountain.

New York City, New York

New York, New York - The Early Air Way

As common as this city is, there are many individuals who have just, well, have never made a trip to check it out. It’s an iconic destination – and one that should be experienced by everyone at least once.

From strolling through Central Park to watching a live show on Broadway to visiting some of the most popular landmarks in our Nation’s history – you will enjoy every bit of this trip to New York.

Bali, Indonesia

Bali, Indonesia - The Early Air Way

Everyone needs a luxurious, relaxing, and rejuvenating beach getaway at some point or another. And, if you add Bali to yours, this could be your destination. While Bali has amazing beaches, you should know that these tranquil waters are only a portion of what you will find here.

Bali also has volcanoes and jungles – and a plethora of wildlife, such as orangutans, tigers, elephants, and Komodo dragons. You’ll have lifelong memories from a trip to Bali.

Virunga National Park, Democratic Republic of Congo

Virunga National Park, Democratic Republic of Congo - The Early Air Way

Virunga National Park is the oldest park in Africa – and one that provides you with such bio-diverse encounters. Here you will be able to:

  • Camp along the rim of the world’s largest lava lake
  • Go mountain climbing and explore the forests along the way
  • Take a safari through the Ishasha Plains where you will find elephants, hippos, lions, hogs, and buffalo

There is so much to experience in Virunga National Park – it is truly an adventure.

Santorini, Greece

Greece Bucket List-The Early Air Way

This group of islands – Thira, Thirassia, Aspronissi, Palea, and Nea Kameni – make up Santorini. And, one thing that makes these islands so enticing is the bright blue waters that surround them – and the red or black volcanic sand that makes up their beaches!

Dine on some delicious Mediterranean cuisine, explore the small towns, surround yourself with vineyards – it is beautiful, relaxing, and a great spot to wind down. Of course, don’t miss the sunsets – they are famous!

Paris, France

Paris, France - The Early Air Way

Looking for another bucket list travel option? A historic city to visit? How about Paris? Sure, it is one of the most common bucket-list destinations, but for good reason. Here you can see some of the most well-known sights – the:

  • Eiffel Tower
  • Louvre Museum
  • Arc de Triomphe
  • Notre Dame Cathedral – and more

Get lost in the culture and the architecture as you wander through this rich city.


Antarctica - The Early Air Way

Looking for the adventure of a lifetime? Why not add a trip to Antarctica to your bucket list? Think about it – when is the last time you heard someone tell you they just returned home from Antarctica? Exactly our point.

You can go where only a few have gone. And you will have the photos to prove it. What a bucket list gem! Let this destination take your breath away with its endless white surroundings, whale sighting, icy sea kayaking, and more.

Dubai, U.A.E.

Dubai, UAE - The Early Air Way

Years ago, it was rare to hear that Dubai is a top tourist destination. Now? It is one of the most glamorous cities in the world. It is no wonder why it makes it onto to many bucket lists.

Dubai has a variety of things to do which is perhaps what makes it so enticing. There are amazing architecture and nightlife, of course, along with some of the greatest fashionable shopping destinations. But you will also find family-friendly amusement parks, beautiful beaches, camel riding in the desert, and more.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Vegas, Nevada - The Early Air Way

Many people dream of being able to visit the Las Vegas strip at one point or another. Perhaps this is why it is a worldwide tourism destination. There are the bright lights, the all-night parties, the shows, the extravagant hotels, and, of course, the casinos.

With so many things to do here – and an endless party vibe – add this destination to your bucket list when you need to step back from all the daily responsibility in your life.

 Making Your Own Bucket List Travel Plan

Ah, so many bucket list travel choices and only one life to see them all. So, where will you go? Africa? Greece? Paris? New York? You will have to take a moment to determine which spark your interest.

Then, once you have an idea of where you want to go, be sure you write them down. And, of course, leave space – because there is a good chance you are going to want to add to that list as you go along. If you want to make the most of your getaway, choose to travel via private jet to the destination of your choice. Besides – who knows? Maybe flying in a private jet charter is on your bucket list, too!

Happy travels!

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