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TSA Lines Continue Expanding

TSA Lines Continue Expanding | The Eary Air Way

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) security lines in airports are continuing to grow despite new measures. The TSA has implemented more agents and other options for the security lines, but may say these are a delayed reaction.

At its root, the problem stems from the simple issue of not enough security agents and too many passengers. Earlier this year in The Wall St. Journal, Peter Neffenger, TSA administrator, pointed to staffing cuts, an increased volume of passengers, and “efforts to fix significant screening lapses” as the reasons behind growing lines.

In the past airlines have left the responsibility to passengers to struggle through these security lines to board their flights on-time. Now missed flights due to TSA wait times are starting to disrupt daily operations, and the airlines are starting to fight back. As well as general outreach and education of the growing problem, airlines are encouraging passengers to vocalize their unhappiness.

Other airports are threatening to outsource security away from TSA agents, and some even manage it themselves. In a recent announcement the TSA will begin increasing the staffing of agents at the most delayed airports, but many passengers are disgruntled with the delay and paltry response.


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