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Tropical Vacations On A Budget: Best, Most Affordable Cruises From Miami For Winter 2016

Tropical Vacations On A Budget: Best, Most Affordable Cruises From Miami For Winter 2016 | The Early Air Way

Now is the perfect time to book a winter tropical holiday so that you can get a break from the chilly winter months. Why not trade the cold and snow for a week in the Caribbean? A cruise is a great way to enjoy the tropics in the winter. The variety of entertainment and activities available on cruise ships make them a great option for almost any traveler. Instead of visiting just one tropical locale, why not visit several bustling ports and pristine beaches this winter? The best cruises travel to a variety of tropical destinations in the Caribbean. In addition, cruises are an affordable way to enjoy a tropical vacation on a budget.

Whatever your idea of fun, there is a cruise ship that offers it. There is something for everyone, whether your idea of fun is a thrilling water slide or Broadway caliber entertainment. Not only do cruise ships offer a variety of entertainment options, but the choices for dining are numerous, as well. Most ships have enough to please Millennials and grandparents alike.

Miami is a great departure port for cruises as it provides a tropical vacation experience like no other port in the world. In fact, the port is known as the “Cruise Capital of the World”, welcoming millions of passengers through its terminal each year. The port of Miami offers sweeping views of downtown Miami and the Biscayne Bay and is the global headquarters for the five largest cruise lines in the world. Miami is also a great city to explore either before or after your cruise. With unrivaled nightlife, world-renowned beaches and unique Latin flavor, this is one city that you will want to check out.

Getting to Miami is easy. Just make sure that you arrive in port the day before the cruise leaves if at all possible. If you cannot take time off work the day before or if you want a more convenient way of traveling, consider taking a private jet to Miami. Often, commercial flights are delayed, especially in the winter. Although you might be able to be rescheduled for free if you miss your flight, you will not receive any compensation from the airline for the cruise if you miss the ship. Due to important port schedules, ships cannot wait for passengers that do not arrive on time. Therefore, if you are late because of a flight delay, you will likely be out all of the money that you paid for the cruise as most cruise lines will not allow cancellations past a certain point and that is usually at least 30 days before the cruise departs. In addition, if you fly commercial, you might have to wait in the airport for a long time before your flight. Although cruise ships usually arrive back to port very early in the morning, such as at 7 or 8 AM, it can be anywhere from one hour to several hours before you are let off the ship depending on customs. Therefore, most people book flights late in the afternoon. The problem is that you could be waiting in the airport for hours if you have to debark the ship early.

For these reasons, it is a great idea to book a private jet to Miami if you are going on a cruise. There are no delays so you do not have to worry about missing the ship. In addition, when you leave the ship, you will either immediately board your flight or relax in a comfortable executive lounge until your flight arrives. There is no need to wait for hours in a busy airport with nothing to do. What’s more is that you can carry on as much luggage as you want when you fly via a private charter. This can come in handy for a cruise as there is often a need to change multiple times a day due to all the activities on board. You can carry snorkel or other sports gear with you unlike on a commercial flight, where there are extra charges for everything. Because of the all of the extra charges associated with commercial flights, it can be more cost-effective to book a private jet charter. Most of the time, you can find great deals on unused seats.

So, if you are ready to trade in your winter scarf and coat for sunglasses, flip- flops and a pair of shorts, there are several world-class cruises departing from Miami this winter. Check out these tropical cruises for 2016.

Norwegian Escape

Get whisked away to a tropical paradise this winter on the Norwegian Escape. Sail to the Eastern Caribbean on board the Escape this winter and visit several exotic tropical islands including Tortola in the British Virgin Islands, St. Thomas and the Bahamas. With rates from only $379 a person this winter, the Escape is a great deal. The Escape is one of the most innovative ships ever built. With more than 21 bars and lounges, 12 pools and hot tubs and a party scene to rival any of the hottest clubs in Miami, there is something for everyone onboard the Escape.

You can explore exotic flavors from Iron Chef Jose Garces at one of the two new restaurants. Jimmy Buffett fans will love the new Margaritaville at Sea. Kids and teens will delight in the water park that includes four thrilling water traveslides, including a freefall slide where the bottom drops out of the slide. The kid’s only Aqua Park is perfect for the little ones. Thrill seekers will love getting strapped into a harness three stories above the ocean and dangling on rails, bridges and rope ladders. Those that prefer even more heart-stopping excitement can walk a plank that extends over the side of the ship, more than 100 feet high above the sea. If walking a plank is not your thing, you can enjoy world-class entertainment, such as the hit show After Midnight, a musical that won the 2014 Tony Award.

Celebrity Reflection

The Celebrity Reflection is a premium ship that offers 7-night cruises to the U.S. Virgin Islands, San Juan, Puerto Rico and Philipsburg, Netherlands Antilles. Starting at $549, the rates are hard to beat. The Reflection, only four years old, is a stunning ship. She offers an array of dining, entertainment and learning opportunities. Enjoy outdoor grilling at the new Lawn Club Grill. Or, unwind in the private cabana-style retreat on The Lawn Club. Offering breathtaking ocean views during the day and romantic views of the stars at night, The Alcoves is perfect for couples. These are just a few highlights of the Reflection in a long list of many.

Either of these two cruises would provide a great escape this winter. So, get your sunglasses ready and get started on booking your tropical vacation today.