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Travel is Better in Your 30's

Travel is Better in Your 30's | The Early Air Way

In your 20’s travel can be spontaneous. You can drop everything for a month and explore, but in your 30’s you can have more fun. Here are just some of the reasons travel is better after 29.

  • You can splurge on the hotel and dinner. Financial stability built in your 20’s gives you that buffer to enjoy more of the finer things in life while traveling.
  • You have more interests to explore. With age comes experience, and in your 30’s you have developed more interests to chase while on your trips.
  • You can finally enjoy your alone time. As a younger traveler you were itching to find your next adventure, your next friend, or your next event, but in your 30’s you can slow down and experience the peace of being with just yourself.


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