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Travel Hacks When You Have Low Energy

Travel Hacks When You Have Low Energy | The Early Airway Private Jet Charter

The holiday travel season brings stress and little time to re- energize yourself. Here are 7 tips to take care for yourself and boost your mood in all the planning and travel.

  1. Create your own mini spa on your plane or train with a neck pillow and immerse yourself in a great book.
  2. Don’t eat an energy bar if your looking for a boost at the airport, instead pack a bag of nuts, popcorn, or an energy bar with no additives.
  3. If you get to the airport with time to spare walk around and explore the terminal instead of just sitting at the gate. You should also do some full body stretches to loosen your muscles.
  4. If you are a caffeine junkie you should alternate caffeinated drinks and non-caffeinated drinks while traveling to stay hydrated.
  5. In your hotel room take an lavender Epsom salt bath and bring a candle to feel more at home.
  6. Instead of turning to junk food bring small packs of high calorie snacks like Edamame to keep you going all day.
  7. Portion sizes at this time of year can also be very large, to combat eating too much cut your entree in half and reevaluate your hunger after eating just one half.

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